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How to Download and Activate the Amazon Category Listing Report from Amazon Seller Central

Written by
Vanessa Hung
Published on
August 31, 2023

Struggling to tap into the wealth of data that Amazon offers its sellers? You're not alone. Many sellers overlook one valuable resource - the Category Listing Report, which provides detailed product data of all your product listings on Amazon's platform.

The Category Listing Report, found in Seller Central, is incredibly valuable yet often overlooked. It serves as an excellent initial reference for PCRP, Pesticide, Listing Violation, and even some IP issues. It not only displays potentially non-compliant data you've inputted but also reveals information added by others, whether with ill intent or unintentionally. Also, if Amazon support tries to suppress you, you can use the data that the category listing report gives to contest the case.

Furthermore, if you haven't been using flat files and have been adjusting your listings by hand, the Category Listing Report can be utilized as a flat file upload, eliminating the need to create one from the ground up.

This article will guide you on how to access this report and use it to boost your sales efficiently and smartly. Ready to level up your Amazon selling game? Let's dive in!

How to Access and Download the Category Listing Report on Amazon

To access the listing report from Amazon Seller Central, you need to request access from Amazon Seller Support and then download the report.

Request access from Seller Support

You need to get into Amazon Seller Central first. Look for the "Help" tab at the top of the page. Click it and a menu will show up. Find the choice that says "Contact Us." Click it and you'll see a new page. This is Seller Support.

Download the Category Listing Report

To download the Category Listing Report, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the main menu in Seller Central.
  2. Select the "Help" tab.
  3. Choose the option to request and download the Category Listing Report.
  4. The report will contain important information about your Amazon listings.
  5. Use this information to make informed decisions and improve your sales performance.
  6. You can also download other useful reports from the Amazon Seller Central catalog, like inventory reports, to optimize your selling strategy.

Your category listing report should be available within 1-2 hours, though if it takes longer (it might extend up to 24 hours),  it's advisable to check back and persist in doing so until your report has been activated.

Amazon's system will make the report available for 7 days, but you can apply for it repeatedly as needed.

Why should you ask for permission before accessing your category listing? Given that the category listing report contains extensive data, it's resource-intensive and hence requires a special request. Although Amazon Seller Central has tried offering it as a standard feature, it remains unavailable for many accounts.

Strategies to Increase Sales with the Category Listing Report

How is the category listing report used to boost sales?

Many top-performing Amazon sellers rely on the category listing report as a safeguard against interruptions in their sales. A single suppressed or suspended ASIN can result in missed sales opportunities, leading to significant revenue losses over days, weeks, or even months.

Consistently comparing the category listing report with information you have added to the listing, such as keywords or Alt Text, is vital to ensure your listings don't have non-compliant information someone else may have inputted.

It's essential to understand that sellers don't possess their product listings on Amazon; those belong to the platform itself. Hence, often, changes to your brand's product detail pages can be made by anyone, and Amazon will hold you accountable for the content. This applies even if you weren't the one who initiated the change. Yes, there are accounts that can and will be suppressed if they go against Amazon's TOS, even if it's information someone else may have added, either in the backend or front end of your listing.

That said, staying proactive by getting regular access to the report will help you stay in front of any non-compliant information you may have missed, and give you the chance to make changes to your bullet points, search terms, etc., before getting suppressed.

This underscores the importance of establishing a routine to monitor your listings for external modifications, a key measure to shield your Amazon Seller account and your ASINs from potential suspensions.

Conclusion: We Always Recommend Keeping an Eye on the Category Listing Report on Amazon!

Accessing Amazon's Category Listing Report is a valuable tool for FBA sellers to increase sales. By analyzing and optimizing your listings, utilizing online advertising options, and offering discounts and promotions, you can drive more traffic and boost conversions.

Take advantage of this report through Seller Support in Amazon Seller Central to gain insights and make informed decisions that will help you improve your overall sales performance on the platform.

Start accessing the Category Listing Report today and maximize your selling potential on Amazon!

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FAQs about the Amazon category listing report

1. How do I access Amazon's Category Listing Report?

To access Amazon's Category Listing Report, you need to log into your seller account and navigate to the Reports section. From there, select the "Business Reports" tab and click on "Category Listings" to view the report. It will be available for download in 1-2 hours, but sometimes the report is available only after 24 hours.

2. What information does Amazon's Category Listing Report provide?

Amazon's Category Listing Report provides valuable insights about your product listings, including details like product title, ASIN, sales rank, pricing information, and customer reviews.

3. How can I use the Category Listing Report to increase sales on Amazon?

By analyzing the data in the Category Listing Report, you can identify underperforming products or opportunities for improvement in pricing strategies or listing optimization. This information can help you make informed decisions that lead to increased sales.

4. Are there any fees associated with accessing Amazon's Category Listing Report?

No, accessing Amazon's Category Listing Report is free for sellers who have a professional selling plan on Amazon. However, keep in mind that other optional reports or services may have associated fees which vary depending on your seller account type and usage.

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