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Meet Vanessa Hung, a passionate entrepreneur from Venezuela who founded Online Seller Solutions, a company that helps businesses thrive in the world of ecommerce. 

Vanessa fell in love with Amazon while working as an account manager for e-commerce, where she single-handedly scaled one client to 7 figures in just one year. Her expertise in Flat Files and fascination for the unsexy side of Amazon has made her an outstanding public speaker and a trusted expert to anyone facing selling issues or willing to learn more about the industry.

She is also Community Ambassador for Carbon6, a Premier Ecosystem for ecommerce sellers.

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Our Story

Founded in 2020, Online Seller Solutions is an agency of Amazon experts dedicated to streamlining the operations of ecommerce businesses. The agency's main goal is to bring people closer to success by taking away the pain of selling online by managing time-consuming issues on the selling platforms and allowing sellers to focus on what really matters: growing their business.

At Online Seller Solutions we serve a variety of clients, including professional sellers, agencies, aggregators, and more. We are Amazon backend experts who understand all Seller Central intricacies. For this purpose, we offer a full range of services that easily adapt to our client’s needs.

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The OSS Way

Learn how our values can propel your Amazon business

Long-Term Success

We strive for sustainable long-term success, not quick wins.


We are problem-solvers at heart, always finding creative solutions to even the most difficult challenges.


We use our resources productively without sacrificing quality.


We believe in the power of collaboration and leveraging individual strengths to achieve collective goals.


We’re constantly seeking out new information and learning opportunities, driven by our desire for growth.


We're flexible and open to change, ready to tackle challenges as they come.

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See What Our Clients Say

"The Online Seller Solutions team has been an amazing partner to help with all of our listing issues that have ranged from retail issues to uploading Flat Files. They are not only a great resource to have but truly feel like they are an extension of my own team. Whenever I need something done, I always get a reply within 30 min and confirmation that the issue will be worked on immediately. I would highly recommend any seller that is having listing or account related issues!"

Amazon Seller

"Working with Vanessa and her team was just great. We hired them to fix around 60 stranded ASINs and they managed to do it in no time. Vanessa is knowledgeable and her team is passionate about what they do, and I would confidently recommend their services to anyone."

Commerce Accelerator

"The agency is very knowledgeable about all things Amazon. The main thing for me was to hire someone who could solve problems on their own, be transparent and honest about the issues and proactively work on solving them. I do so many other things that have them solving catalog problems, updating listings, fixing inventory problems and complicated Seller Central cases was a blessing."

Amazon Seller

"We had a listing suspended on Amazon, we were somewhat confident that, after we had removed some restricted wording, a Flat Files upload might get the listing active once again. I knew there was more to it than just that so I reached out to Vanessa, who had been introduced to me as the queen of Flat Files, she was available to start working with us immediately. Our listing was live within 24 hours ~ it was super easy and efficient."

Brand Owner

"If you are looking for a professional with lots of knowledge on the e-commerce industry, then Online Seller Solutions is the go-to. I’ve been working closely with Vanessa who’s handling my e-commerce account. She was able to solve many of the issues I encountered with my business and is always on top of every single detail. Super responsible, professional, and definitely knows what she’s doing."

Brand Owner

"I can’t believe how quickly Online Sellers Solutions was able to make updates and changes to our Amazon catalog. I have an MBA in Marketing, but Amazon is such a different animal than other selling platforms. Vanessa’s team was able to convert 26 individual ASINs for us in a fraction of the time it would have taken me to do the same, saving us valuable time and money that we then allocated to other areas of our business."

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