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Hi, I’m Vanessa Hung - Founder & CEO of Online Seller Solutions

I began transforming Amazon businesses in 2017 and single handily scaled one client to 7 figures in under one year. I quickly learned that those same skills of determination and resourcefulness were extremely valuable in the Amazon community.
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We've worked on interiors for 5,000+ clients. See a preview of our work below.

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Our team knows first hand that a reliable account management system can profoundly impact your ability to grow and scale your Amazon business. Whether you are a new seller or a veteran, the Amazon platform presents unique challenges. 

It can be unclear, confusing, and frustrating, forcing sellers to quit before they have an opportunity to start.

That is why I founded Online Seller Solutions to help sellers focus on the things that matter for their business and grow their accounts, while we handle the management side of things.

We solve problems so you can sell.
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