Unleashing the Power of the Hispanic Market on Amazon

Did you know you can be a top seller in your marketplace and still miss a huge audience in the country?

You're (probably) missing out on valuable sales if you're not optimizing your Amazon.com listings for Spanish-speaking shoppers. The only way to succeed in ranking Spanish keywords on Amazon is to include them in your listing's backend.

Learn how our Secondary Language Optimization service helped our client rank higher and expand their reach in the Hispanic market.

ranking in
Spanish before
Spanish Keywords
Ranking at the end
of the process
Spanish Keywords

We conducted thorough market research on the product and identified high-ranking Spanish keywords to include in the listing, delivering outstanding results for our client.

Within hours after submitting the optimized backend file, some keywords were already ranking on the first or second page of search results.

Our team continued to monitor and optimize the listings to ensure continued success.

Comparison of performance before and after implementation

Project testimonial

Through market research and analysis, we identified missing keywords and attributes in their products. With our comprehensive Flat File and Full Product Update, the ASIN's ranking and indexation improved significantly within just 24 hours. This resulted in a nearly doubled revenue compared to the previous year.

Alyssa Perez
Program Manager

Don't let the language barrier hold you back from reaching new heights on Amazon.