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If you're struggling with low searchability or poor indexing on Amazon, we've got your back. One common problem that many sellers face is neglecting their listings’ backend to feed Amazon’s search algorithm.

This can result in lower searchability, poor indexation, and fewer sales. Fortunately, our team of Amazon specialists have the expertise to help you overcome this challenge and achieve success.

Optimize both the front and backend of your Amazon listings
Protect your listings from hijackers
Make your listings more appealing to the search algorithm
Get higher conversions and organic sales

How it Works

Our team of experts will work diligently to optimize your product listings for maximum visibility, better conversions, and enhanced shopping experience.

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By filling out a form, you provide us with the ASINs you want to optimize.

Backend Analysis

Our team conducts an in-depth analysis of your product listings to identify key areas of improvement.

Market and Competition Research

Comprehensive research to identify high-ranking keywords that will enhance your product's visibility and help you stay ahead of your competitors in the category.


We implement the necessary changes to your product listings to enhance searchability, indexation, sales rank, and backend protection.

*Disclaimer: Please note that Flat Files used in our service processes are the proprietary information of Online Seller Solution, therefore, cannot be shared outside our organization.
*The Listing Backend Enhancement cannot be applied to catalog or account health issues.

With the power of Flat Files we can enhance all of those often overlooked but essential backend attributes

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