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Amazon's Account Health Assurance (AHA) Program: Seller's Guide

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Vanessa Hung
February 9, 2024

Selling on Amazon has its rewards, but also its challenges — one of which is maintaining the health of your seller account.

Fortunately, Amazon has rolled out its Account Health Assurance (AHA) program to alleviate some of these challenges. This program aims to help sellers maintain their account health by offering more proactive and personalized support.

Read on for a quick guide on everything you need to know about Amazon's AHA program.

Key Takeaways

·      Amazon's Account Health Assurance Program is a new benefit for sellers that prevents account deactivation.

·      Enrolling in the program gives sellers peace of mind and allows them to focus on growing their business.

·      Sellers have access to account specialists who proactively resolve any issues that may arise.


What is Amazon's Account Health Assurance Program?

Amazon has rolled out the Account Health Assurance Program, a promising addition to its suite of tools for sellers. This game changer aims to address concerns arising from account health issues, allowingyou the peace of mind to concentrate on your business activities.

Free Service

Designed with your needs in mind, the program is available at no extra cost. It brings a refreshing wave of support for professional selling partners who consistently maintain healthy accounts.

Your potential worries are now well taken care of as this program makes every effort towards creating an environment that supports seller growth and success on the platform.

Personalized Guidance

The AHA program provides you with the services of Account Health Specialists who work closely with you to address and resolve flagged policy issues.

Action Plans

With AHA, you can submit an action plan to fix any compliance issues, thereby reducing the risk of your account getting deactivated.


Let's go over the benefits once more — this time, more condensed for your convenience:

No More Automatic Deactivation

The most notable benefit is the avoidance of automatic deactivation. This means that as a seller, you can have peace of mind knowing that your account will not be automatically deactivated if your Account Health rating falls below the healthy target. You can continue selling on Amazon while you resolve any issues, thereby protecting your income stream.

Expert Support

Having a dedicated Account Health Specialist means you have an expert guiding you through any rough patches, a boon for anyone navigating Amazon's complex ecosystem.

Human Element and Transparency

The AHA program brings a touch of humanity into what has often been a faceless process. It also adds a level of transparency, particularly in the handling of ambiguous or unclear policy violations.

AHA Rules and Limitations

This time let's go over some rules and limitations of the program:

Community Reception

The program has received general praise for increasing transparency and providing personalized, human support. However, it's not all roses. There has been some criticism over the program's eligibility criteria, with smaller sellers feeling left out of a feature designed to help sellers like them.

Not Eligible for AHA?

If you find that you're not eligible for AHA, all is not lost. Amazon provides other avenues for support, such as Amazon Seller Support and Amazon's Seller Forums, where you can seek advice and assistance.

Is The AHA Program For You?

While the AHA program has its limitations, especially in terms of eligibility, the benefits are considerable. The program offers peace of mind and can help you focus on what you do best — growing your business. However, meeting the eligibility criteria is crucial, so maintaining a high AHR score should be on the top of your priority list.

While the Account Health Assurance program is a welcome addition to Amazon's seller support features, it's essential to weigh its pros and cons carefully. Your benefit from the program will largely depend on your ability to meet its eligibility criteria and your willingness to work closely with Amazon to resolve issues proactively. With that in mind, AHA could become an invaluable asset in your Amazon selling journey.


1. What is Amazon's Account Health Assurance Program?

Amazon's Account Health Assurance Program is a service offered to sellers on the platform that provides assistance and guidance in maintaining account health, resolving issues, and avoiding suspension.

2. How does Amazon's Account Health Assurance Program benefit sellers?

By participating in Amazon's Account Health Assurance Program, sellers can receive proactive support from experts who help them identify potential risks to their accounts and provide guidance on improving performance to avoid suspension or other negative impacts.

3. Is participation in Amazon's Account Health Assurance Program mandatory for all sellers?

Participation in Amazon's Account Health Assurance Program is currently by invitation only, based on factors such as seller performance metrics and account history.

4. Are there any fees associated with Amazon's Account Health Assurance Program?

There are no additional fees charged specifically for participating in Amazon's Account Health Assurance Program. However, standard selling fees still apply for products sold on the platform.

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