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How To Check Your Messages on the Amazon Message Center

Written by
Vanessa Hung
Published on
February 6, 2024

Are you scratching your head trying to figure out where your Amazon messages have landed? The Amazon Message Center is a key spot for keeping tabs on conversations with sellers and customers alike.

This article will guide you through the steps to easily check your messages, ensuring you stay connected and up-to-date.

Keep reading; it's easier than you think!

Key Takeaways

What Is the Amazon Message Center?

The Amazon Message Center is a key part of your online customer service toolset. This secure platform lets buyers and sellers talk to each other about their orders and transactions.

Here, you can view and send messages directly to users who have bought from or sold to you.

The center keeps all your messages in one place, making it easier for you to manage conversations. You can find this feature under the "my account" area once logged into Amazon.com or through the Amazon app itself.

Whether it is a question about an item or feedback after a purchase, this messaging hub connects customers with sellers quickly and effectively.

How to Access the Amazon Message Center

1. Activation of Buyer-Seller Messages

You need to activate buyer-seller messages to connect with your customers on Amazon. Here's how you can turn them on and start chatting:

  1. Go to the 'Settings' section in your Seller Central account.
  2. Click 'Notification Preferences' to find messaging options.
  3. Choose 'Buyer-Seller Messages' and select 'Edit.'
  4. Ensure you enable messages for all email addresses associated with your account.
  5. Set up notification preferences for order-related messages so you don't miss any.
  6. Confirm that anonymized email addresses by Amazon are used for communication, boosting security.
  7. Check the box that allows you to send and receive attachments if needed.

2. Anonymized e-mail Addresses for Security

Amazon cares about your security. That's why they give both buyers and sellers anonymized email addresses. These special emails keep your real info hidden. You chat with customers without ever sharing personal details.

It cuts down the risk of scams and keeps your privacy tight.

These secure emails also build trust in the Amazon Messaging Center. Everyone feels safer knowing their private information stays out of strangers' hands. Plus, it makes sure only Amazon sees who you really are—protecting you and your business every step of the way.

3. Labeling Messages as "Critical"

You've got the power to flag messages as "critical" in the Amazon Message Center. This comes in handy when you need to reach out to a buyer who's chosen not to receive messages. It's your go-to move for cases where you're missing crucial info that could hold up an order or return process.

Use this feature wisely though – it’s meant for those times when regular communication just won't cut it.

Keep in mind, labeling a message "critical" isn't about skipping the line for every little thing. Save it for real-deal situations like needing additional details from customers or sorting out potential issues with their orders.

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Guidelines for Using the Amazon Message Center

Understanding Amazon's communication policies and best practices for effective messaging can help sellers easily navigate the Message Center. 

Communication Policies

Here are the best practices for effective messaging:

Guidelines for Using the Messaging Service

Amazon sets clear rules for using the buyer-seller messaging service. You need to follow them closely to keep your account in good standing.

Tips for Improving Seller Experience

Improving your seller experience on Amazon can mean happier customers and more sales. A positive approach to customer service makes all the difference. Here's how:


Accessing the Amazon Message Center is vital for effective communication with buyers and sellers.

By following simple steps such as logging into your account and clicking on "Buyer/Seller Messages," you can stay informed about incoming messages and manage customer inquiries efficiently.

Utilize this platform to enhance buyer satisfaction, improve your seller experience, and boost sales through effective messaging. The Amazon Message Center is a valuable tool for managing and responding to messages related to your Amazon orders and transactions.

Embrace the convenience of online communication by leveraging the features of the Amazon Message Center today!

FAQs on the Amazon Message Center

1. What is the Amazon messaging system?

The Amazon messaging system is a feature in the Amazon Message Center that allows buyers and sellers to communicate directly regarding orders, returns, and servic

2. How do I respond to Amazon message center?

To respond to a message in the Amazon Message Center, log in to your Amazon account, go to the Message Center, open the message you want to reply to, and use the "Reply" button to send your response.

3. How do I contact Amazon?

You can contact Amazon by visiting the "Help" section on their website, where you will find options for customer service support including phone, email, and live chat. Additionally, you can contact Amazon through the mobile app by accessing the Customer Service menu.

4. Are Amazon messages private?

Yes, Amazon messages between buyers and sellers are private, but Amazon administrators can access them for safety and quality assurance purposes.

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