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Amazon Product Inserts: Guidelines and Best Practices

Written by
Vanessa Hung
Published on
October 4, 2023

Struggling to successfully integrate product inserts into your Amazon strategy? With over 12 million products, standing out on Amazon can be a challenge. This guide offers practical advice and insider tips to create compliant product inserts that boost your brand’s visibility and customer engagement.

Ready for some game-changing insights? Let's dive in!

Benefits of Using Amazon Product Inserts

Using Amazon product inserts offers several benefits for sellers. They can earn more reviews, promote other products from their store, enhance customer service, promote buyer-targeted items, and engage in low-cost marketing.

Earn more reviews

Investing in well-designed Amazon product inserts can significantly boost the number of reviews you receive. Customers appreciate when a business goes the extra mile, and they often express their gratitude through positive feedback.

A thoughtful insert card prompts them to share their shopping experience which helps your product gain visibility within Amazon's enormous market place. Make sure your request for review is compliant with Amazon's policy; avoid asking specifically for a positive review, instead encourage honest opinions about their purchase.

Promote other products from your Amazon store

Utilizing product inserts to promote other items in your Amazon store is a clever marketing strategy. The strategy can direct customers to discover more products that they may find interesting or useful, thus increasing potential sales.

When a customer buys an item and finds a card promoting another relevant product inside the package, it takes targeted marketing to new heights.

This method provides an opportunity for cross-selling and upselling without being too pushy or aggressive. It's like having your very own recommendation engine within each product ordered from your store.

Tailoring these recommendations based on the purchased item could further enhance this experience for the buyer, creating possibilities for repeat business and bigger cart sizes.

Enhance customer service

Creating engaging Amazon product inserts goes beyond promoting your products. Efficient product inserts can significantly enhance customer service, offering a unique platform to connect with your customers.

By including information about how to use the purchased item effectively or addressing common queries, you pave the way for improving their shopping experience on Amazon. A well-crafted insert might even incorporate tips or simple troubleshooting guidelines that answer questions before they arise; this saves time and effort for both customers and sellers alike! Providing prompt complaint resolution methods in your product insert helps build trust as it shows you care about their satisfaction long after the purchase is complete.

Promote buyer-targeted items

To maximize your sales on Amazon, it's important to promote buyer-targeted items through product inserts. These inserts can be used to showcase other products from your Amazon store that complement the original purchase.

By strategically promoting related items, you can increase cross-selling opportunities and encourage customers to explore more of what your brand has to offer. With effective product inserts, you can capture the attention of buyers and drive additional sales without being pushy or overwhelming.

Low-cost marketing

Using product inserts on Amazon is a low-cost marketing tactic that can help increase your sales and brand visibility. By including promotional materials or offers for other products from your Amazon store in the package, you can encourage customers to make additional purchases.

These inserts serve as a subtle way to promote buyer-targeted items without making direct sales pitches. Furthermore, by enhancing customer service through personalized messages or discount codes, you can create a positive shopping experience that encourages repeat business and word-of-mouth recommendations.

With minimal investment, product inserts offer an effective and affordable marketing strategy for Amazon sellers to expand their reach and boost sales.

Best Practices for Creating Effective Product Inserts

Next, let's discuss some best practices to help you maximize your product insert strategy:

Promote products, not websites

Promoting products, rather than websites, is a crucial strategy when using product inserts on Amazon. Instead of directing customers to external websites or online stores, focus on showcasing your other products within your Amazon store.

By doing this, you can effectively cross-promote and increase visibility for your entire product line. This not only encourages customers to explore more of what you have to offer but also helps to boost sales and enhance the customer shopping experience.

So remember, when creating your product inserts, promote your products directly without diverting attention to external websites or unrelated content.

Request reviews, not positive reviews

To maximize the effectiveness of your Amazon product inserts, it's important to focus on requesting reviews rather than specifically asking for positive ones. By doing so, you encourage customers to share their honest feedback and experiences with your product.

This not only helps build trust and credibility for potential buyers but also provides valuable insights for you as a seller. Remember that genuine reviews, whether positive or negative, can provide valuable feedback to improve your products and enhance customer satisfaction.

Avoid offering discounts and requesting reviews simultaneously

When including product inserts in your Amazon packages, it is important to avoid offering discounts and requesting reviews at the same time. While both tactics can be effective in their own right, combining them can come across as manipulative or dishonest.

Instead, focus on providing valuable information about your products and encouraging customers to leave honest reviews based on their experiences. This approach will help build trust with your customers and improve your brand reputation on Amazon.

Remember, it's all about promoting a positive shopping experience for your customers while staying compliant with Amazon's policies.

Increase perceived product value

Highlight the value of your product through strategic product inserts. By including relevant and helpful information on your inserts, you can enhance the perceived value of your product in the eyes of customers.

This can be achieved by providing clear instructions for use, showcasing unique features or benefits, or offering tips and tricks for getting the most out of your product. When customers see that you have gone the extra mile to provide them with valuable information, they are more likely to view your product as high-quality and worth their investment.

Take advantage of this opportunity to increase customer satisfaction and boost sales by making sure that your product inserts effectively communicate the value that your product brings to their lives.

Make the insert stand out but keep it simple

When designing product inserts for Amazon, it's important to make them eye-catching and attention-grabbing. However, it's equally essential to keep the design simple and not overwhelm customers with too much information or cluttered visuals.

The key is to strike a balance between making the insert stand out and providing clear, concise information that is easy for customers to understand at a glance. This will ensure that your insert effectively captures their attention while still conveying your message in a straightforward manner.

Amazon's Insert Card Policy

Amazon restricts the use of product inserts to direct customers outside of Amazon and prohibits manipulative language for review requests.

Restrictions on directing people to contact outside of Amazon

When creating product inserts for Amazon, it's important to be aware of the restrictions on directing people to contact outside of the platform. Amazon prohibits sellers from providing contact information in their inserts that would encourage customers to reach out beyond the Amazon marketplace.

This includes phone numbers, email addresses, and website URLs. By adhering to this policy, sellers can ensure they are fully compliant with Amazon's guidelines and maintain a positive relationship with the platform.

It is crucial to prioritize communication within the confines of Amazon's messaging system for a seamless customer experience.

Prohibited manipulative language for review requests

When requesting reviews on your product inserts, it is important to avoid using manipulative language that may violate Amazon's policies. This means refraining from asking for only positive reviews or offering incentives in exchange for reviews.

Instead, focus on politely and genuinely requesting feedback from customers about their experience with your product. By following these guidelines, you can ensure that your review requests are in compliance with Amazon's regulations and maintain a good standing as an e-commerce seller on their platform.

Incentive and contact information restrictions

Amazon has specific restrictions when it comes to product inserts concerning incentives and contact information. Sellers are prohibited from offering incentives, such as discounts or freebies, in exchange for reviews on their product inserts.

Additionally, sellers cannot include any contact information that directs customers outside of the Amazon platform. So, once more for good measure: this means no website URLs, email addresses, or phone numbers can be provided on the insert.

By adhering to these guidelines, sellers can maintain compliance with Amazon's policies and ensure a positive customer experience.

Recommendations for asking for reviews on product inserts

Include a clear and concise request for customer reviews on your product inserts. Use language that is polite and professional, avoiding any manipulative or prohibited wording. It's important to focus on asking for honest feedback rather than specifically requesting positive reviews.

By following these recommendations, you can effectively encourage customers to leave reviews without violating Amazon's policies.

What to Include and Avoid on Amazon Product Inserts

Include clear and concise information on how customers can contact you for any complaints or issues with their purchase. Avoid including complicated instructions or statements of urgency that may confuse or pressure the customer.

Complicated information to avoid

Keep your Amazon product inserts simple and straightforward by avoiding complicated information. Remember, the goal is to provide clear instructions or important details to enhance the customer shopping experience.

Avoid using technical jargon that may confuse or overwhelm customers. Instead, use concise language and bullet points to convey information effectively. Complicated terms or lengthy explanations can deter customers from reading the insert altogether.

Stick to essential information that is easy for customers to understand and act upon.

Be cautious with extended warranties

When including extended warranties on your Amazon product inserts, it's important to exercise caution. While offering extended warranties can be enticing for customers, you want to ensure that you are providing accurate and transparent information about the warranty terms and conditions.

Avoid making over-the-top claims or exaggerations about what is covered by the warranty, as this can lead to customer dissatisfaction if expectations aren't met. Instead, clearly outline the specific details of the warranty in a concise and easy-to-understand manner.

By being cautious with extended warranties, you can maintain trust with your customers and avoid any potential issues down the line.

Beware of statements of urgency

When creating product inserts for Amazon, it is important to be cautious with statements of urgency. While a sense of urgency can sometimes be an effective marketing strategy, it is crucial to avoid making false or misleading claims that pressure customers into taking immediate action.

Statements like "Limited time offer" or "Act now while supplies last" should only be used if they are genuinely applicable and true. Misleading customers can damage your reputation and result in negative feedback or complaints.

Instead, focus on providing accurate information about the product and its benefits without resorting to unnecessary urgency tactics.

To create compliant Amazon product inserts, it is important to strike a balance between promoting your products and maintaining transparency with customers. Avoid using statements of urgency that might mislead buyers into making hasty decisions.


In conclusion, adhering to Amazon's rules for product inserts is not just a matter of compliance; it's a strategic choice that can enhance your brand's reputation and customer loyalty. By providing valuable and relevant information through well-designed inserts, you have the opportunity to make a lasting impression on your customers, encourage positive reviews, and drive repeat business.

Remember, in the highly competitive world of Amazon selling, a thoughtful approach to product inserts can set you apart from the competition and help you build a strong, trusted brand. So, embrace these guidelines, be creative within the boundaries, and leverage product inserts to create a memorable and positive experience for your customers on the platform. Your commitment to Amazon's rules for inserts can ultimately lead to increased success and growth as an Amazon seller.

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