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Amazon's Seller-Fulfilled Prime Program 2023: What are its Benefits?

Written by
Vanessa Hung
Published on
October 4, 2023

Welcome to a world of boundless possibilities for e-commerce entrepreneurs! Amazon's Seller Fulfilled Prime program is revolutionizing the way sellers reach their customers, offering a golden opportunity to unlock new levels of success.

Imagine having the power to offer Amazon Prime's lightning-fast shipping, and the flexibility to manage your inventory and shipping processes your way. In this blog, we'll explore the remarkable benefits of Amazon's Seller Fulfilled Prime program and how it can be a game-changer for businesses looking to elevate their presence in the online marketplace.

Whether you're a seasoned seller or just starting out, fasten your seatbelt because Seller Fulfilled Prime is poised to take your business to the next level of customer satisfaction and growth!

Key Takeaways

What is Amazon's Seller-Fulfilled Prime Program?

The Seller-Fulfilled Prime Program is a service offered by Amazon that allows sellers to fulfill orders directly from their own warehouses while still offering customers the benefits of Prime shipping.

Advantages of the program

Selling on Amazon's Seller-Fulfilled Prime program brings several benefits to your ecommerce business. Your products get the coveted Prime badge, which millions of loyal Amazon customers trust for quality and fast shipping.

The control remains in your hands as you manage inventory and personally oversee shipping processes using direct-to-consumer fulfillment methods. This personalized touch often creates a positive impact on customer experience towards your brand.

Flexibility is another strong point of the program; it allows you to choose which products are labeled as Prime eligible based on their demand, size, and weight. Plus, during peak seasons when resources may be stretched thin at Amazon warehouses due to high demands from other sellers using FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon), maintaining fulfillment yourself ensures that your customers will still receive fast delivery timescales – one-day or two-day shipping - specified by the Prime program.

Requirements for eligibility

To be eligible for Amazon's Seller-Fulfilled Prime Program, there are certain requirements you need to meet:

Meeting these eligibility requirements will allow you to tap into the benefits of selling on Amazon Prime and reach a wider customer base.

Benefits of Using Seller-Fulfilled Prime

Using Seller-Fulfilled Prime offers several benefits, including the ability to display the Prime badge on your products, easier inventory and shipping management, and the opportunity to reopen enrollment.

Displaying the Prime badge

Displaying the Prime badge on your products is a game-changer. It instantly tells Amazon customers that your items are eligible for fast shipping through the Seller-Fulfilled Prime program.

This badge boosts customer confidence, increases visibility, and enhances conversion rates. When shoppers see the Prime badge, they know they can rely on reliable delivery timescales of one or two days.

It's like having a stamp of approval that sets you apart from other sellers and makes your listings more attractive to potential buyers. The Prime badge is an invaluable tool for driving sales and building trust with customers looking for speedy shipping options on Amazon.

Managing inventory and shipping

To successfully participate in Amazon's Seller-Fulfilled Prime Program, managing your inventory and shipping efficiently is crucial. Keeping track of your inventory levels ensures that you can fulfill orders promptly and avoid stockouts.

You can use tools provided by Amazon to monitor your inventory and receive alerts when it's time to reorder. When it comes to shipping, make sure you have a reliable system in place where you can quickly process and ship orders within the designated timeframe for one-day or two-day delivery.

Streamlining these processes will help provide a smooth experience for your customers and maintain your eligibility for the program.

Reopening enrollment

To make it easier for Amazon sellers to join the Seller-Fulfilled Prime program, Amazon has reopened enrollment. This means that if you missed the previous deadline or weren't eligible before, now is your chance to sign up and start enjoying the benefits of Prime shipping.

By reopening enrollment, Amazon aims to provide more opportunities for small and medium-sized ecommerce businesses to reach a wider audience of loyal Amazon customers. So don't miss out on this opportunity and take advantage of the convenience and credibility that comes with displaying the Prime badge on your listings.

Is Seller-Fulfilled Prime Worth It?

Is Seller-Fulfilled Prime worth it? Let's compare it to other Amazon programs like FBA and FBM, and consider eligibility requirements.

Comparison to other Amazon programs (FBA, FBM)

Seller-Fulfilled Prime stands out when compared to other Amazon programs like FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) and FBM (Fulfillment by Merchant). While FBA offers the convenience of having Amazon handle inventory storage, packaging, and shipping for you, Seller-Fulfilled Prime allows you to maintain control over these aspects of your business.

This means that you can fulfill orders directly from your own warehouse or fulfillment center. On the other hand, FBM gives you the flexibility to handle everything from inventory management to shipping on your own terms.

So if you're a small to medium-sized e-commerce business looking for more control over fulfillment while still delivering fast shipping options to Amazon customers, Seller-Fulfilled Prime could be worth considering.

Considerations for eligibility

To be eligible for Amazon's Seller-Fulfilled Prime Program, there are a few key considerations to keep in mind. First, your annual sales on Amazon must exceed a certain threshold. This requirement ensures that you have the necessary experience and capacity to handle the demands of Prime shipping.

Additionally, your fulfillment capabilities need to meet certain standards in order to provide reliable one-day and two-day shipping to Amazon customers. It's important to carefully review and understand all the requirements before deciding if this program is right for your business.


In a world where online shopping is king, Amazon's Seller Fulfilled Prime program offers a fantastic opportunity for businesses. It lets you provide fast Prime shipping to customers while also giving you control over how you manage your products and shipping. It's a great way to make your customers happy and grow your online business.

So, as you start using this program, remember it's not just about quick shipping; it's about connecting with your customers, reaching more people, and making your online business thrive. Use it wisely, and you'll see your e-commerce dreams come true with Amazon Prime.


1. What is Amazon's Seller-Fulfilled Prime Program?

Amazon's Seller-Fulfilled Prime program allows small to medium-sized eCommerce businesses to offer Amazon Prime shipping options directly from their own facilities.

2. How does the Seller-Fulfilled Prime program differ from FBA fulfillment method?

Unlike Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), where products are stored in and shipped from Amazon warehouses, the Seller-Fulfilled Prime program allows sellers to do direct-to-consumer fulfillment of one-day and two-day shipping orders while maintaining Amazon Prime eligibility.

3. Can any business join the Seller-Fulfilled Prime Program?

Businesses looking to join must meet certain fulfillment requirements like offering one-day or two-day shipping, which applies for all "Buy with Prime" brands and Seller-Fulfilled Prime orders.

4. Does using this program enhance online retail experience for customers?

Yes! The benefit includes giving customers more Buy with prime options while shopping, therefore increasing a brand's exposure on the platform, potentially leading to increased amazon seller earnings.

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