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How to Close an Amazon Seller Account

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Vanessa Hung
Published on
November 11, 2023

Closing an Amazon Seller Account can be overwhelming, with several steps to follow and considerations to keep in mind. Did you know that all outstanding orders and buyers' refunds must be resolved before the account closure? This blog post will guide you through a seamless process of closing your Amazon Seller Account, ensuring each detail is taken care of effectively.

Let's dive into turning this complex process into a simple task!

Steps to Close Your Amazon Seller Account

To close your Amazon Seller Account, you need to request closure and deletion of personal information, fulfill all orders, remove all inventory, clear any outstanding balance, and follow Amazon's step-by-step process.

Request closure and deletion of personal information

To safeguard your privacy after closing your Amazon Seller Account, you must request the closure and deletion of your personal information. This action ensures that all sensitive data associated with your account is removed from Amazon's servers.

Navigate to 'Account Info' inside 'Seller Central', click on 'Close Account', and follow the instructions provided. During this process, confirm that you want all personal information permanently deleted.

This crucial step protects against potential security breaches and maintains the confidentiality of your business details post-closure.

Fulfill all orders

To successfully close your Amazon Seller Account, it is crucial to fulfill all outstanding orders. This means ensuring that all products are shipped and delivered to the buyers as promised.

Take the time to carefully review your order list and address any pending shipments or customer inquiries promptly. Make sure to issue refunds for any canceled or returned orders and resolve any disputes before closing your account.

By fulfilling all orders, you can maintain a positive reputation as a seller and leave on good terms with your customers.

Remove all inventory

To successfully close your Amazon Seller Account, it is crucial to remove all inventory from your store. This means fulfilling any outstanding orders and ensuring that there are no products left in your inventory.

It's important to clear out all stock before closing your account to avoid any complications or issues with customers. Take the time to fulfill all orders promptly and refund buyers if necessary.

By removing all inventory, you can proceed with closing your Amazon Seller Account smoothly and without any lingering obligations.

Clear any outstanding balance

To close your Amazon Seller Account, it is crucial that you clear any outstanding balance. This means that you need to ensure all payments are settled and there are no unresolved financial obligations.

Make sure to review all transactions and fulfill any pending orders or refunds. By taking care of your outstanding balance, you can ensure a smooth closure of your account and leave on good terms with Amazon.

Follow Amazon's step-by-step process

To close your Amazon Seller Account, it is important to follow Amazon's step-by-step process. Start by navigating to Account Info inside Seller Central. From there, click on Close Account and confirm that you want to permanently close your account.

Before doing so, make sure to cancel any active services or subscriptions associated with your account by going to Account Info and clicking Manage under Your Services. Finally, remove all inventory, clear any outstanding balance, fulfill all orders, and request closure and deletion of personal information.

By following these steps in the correct order, you can successfully close your Amazon Seller Account.

Alternative Options to Closing Your Account

- Explore new selling strategies to diversify your business and reach a wider audience.

- Consider downgrading to a free seller account if you want to continue selling on Amazon at a lower cost.

- Delete old product listings that are no longer relevant or profitable.

- Pause your account temporarily if you need a break from selling without permanently closing it.

- If you're looking to exit the Amazon marketplace altogether, consider selling your account to another seller.

Explore new selling strategies

To take your Amazon selling to the next level, it's important to explore new selling strategies. Don't be afraid to try out different marketing techniques and promotional campaigns to attract more customers.

Experiment with pricing strategies, such as offering discounts or bundling products together. Additionally, consider expanding your product offerings by sourcing unique and in-demand items that can set you apart from other sellers.

Stay updated on the latest trends in e-commerce and leverage social media platforms to reach a wider audience. By exploring new selling strategies, you can maximize your sales potential and stay ahead of the competition.

Downgrade to a free seller account

If closing your Amazon seller account seems drastic, consider downgrading to a free seller account instead. This option allows you to continue selling on Amazon without the fees associated with a professional seller account.

By downgrading, you can still maintain an online presence and potentially find new strategies to grow your business without completely shutting it down. Take advantage of this alternative if you're not ready to say goodbye to the Amazon marketplace just yet.

Delete old product listings

To effectively close your Amazon Seller Account, it's important to delete any old product listings associated with your account. This ensures that you are not leaving behind any outdated or irrelevant information for potential buyers.

By removing these old listings, you can maintain a clean and professional online presence. Take the time to review all of your active and inactive product listings and delete any that are no longer relevant or available for sale.

Keeping your inventory up-to-date will help streamline the closure process and prevent confusion for both yourself and potential customers.

Pause your account temporarily

If you're not ready to close your Amazon Seller Account permanently, you have the option to pause it temporarily. This allows you to take a break from selling without losing all of your account information and settings.

By choosing the inactive status for your listings, you can effectively put a hold on your sales activities while still maintaining access to your account. Keep in mind that while your account is paused, you won't be able to list new products or fulfill orders.

However, this temporary solution can be beneficial if you're planning on resuming selling in the future but need some time away.

Remember that pausing your account temporarily doesn't cancel any active services or subscriptions associated with it. If there are any ongoing subscriptions or services linked to your Amazon Seller Account, make sure to cancel them separately before considering temporarily deactivating it.

Consider selling your account

If you're looking to move on from selling on Amazon, one option to consider is selling your account. This can be a viable choice for those who have built up a successful business and want to pass it on to someone else.

By selling your account, you can transfer all the hard work and momentum you've built to another entrepreneur who may benefit from it. Just make sure you follow all the necessary steps and guidelines outlined by Amazon when transferring ownership of an account.

Considerations Before Closing Your Account

Before closing your account, it is important to keep track of your progress and make sure that you are making the right decision for your business.

Keeping track of your progress

Monitor the progress of your account throughout the closure process to ensure everything is completed smoothly. Keep a record of any outstanding orders and refunds that need to be issued before closing your Amazon Seller Account.

Additionally, make sure you have contacted all parties involved in your business, such as suppliers and customers, to inform them about the closure. This will help you maintain good relationships and tie up any loose ends.

By staying organized and keeping track of your progress, you can close your Amazon Seller Account efficiently and effectively.

Making the right decision for your business

Before closing your Amazon Seller Account, it is crucial to carefully consider if it is the best decision for your business. Take into account factors such as your current sales performance, future growth plans, and overall profitability.

Evaluate alternative options like exploring new selling strategies or downgrading to a free seller account. Additionally, deleting old product listings or temporarily pausing your account can provide flexibility without closing it permanently.

If you decide to move forward with closure, ensure you have fulfilled all outstanding orders and cleared any balances owed. Remember that making the right decision will ultimately determine the success of your business in the long run.

As part of this process, keep track of your progress by following Amazon's step-by-step guidelines for closing an account. It is important to protect sensitive information by deleting personal data from your Amazon account before initiating closure.


Closing your Amazon Seller Account requires careful consideration and a step-by-step process. Remember to fulfill all orders, remove inventory, clear any outstanding balance, and follow Amazon's guidelines.

Additionally, explore alternative options like downgrading to a free account or pausing your account temporarily. Whatever decision you make, ensure it aligns with the needs of your business.

Good luck on your next venture!


1. How do I close an Amazon Seller Account?

To close an Amazon Seller account, you must first request account closure from your Amazon Seller Central.

2. Can we just delete the Amazon seller account?

No, deleting isn't enough; to fully end the online retail operations on this platform, you'd need to follow steps to close or deactivate your Amazon seller account.

3. What happens when I decide to remove my ecommerce business from Amazon's marketplace?

When closing a seller account on Amazon, it puts a halt to all transactions and selling activities.

4. Can I temporarily shut down my operations as an online merchant with an option of returning?

Yes, instead of terminating or ending the entire operation permanently by going through cancellation procedures for your Seller Account, consider opting for temporary deactivation.

5. Is there a way to disable my ecommerce seller activities without completely erasing my web-based vendor profile?

Absolutely! By choosing either the shut down or deactivate options in your settings, you can cease activity without having permanent deletion effects.

6.What are some things that happen during this digital selling termination process?

When disabling an Amazon seller account, understand that it will also mean closing access permanently to certain features like customer data and past transaction records stored under your internet retail identity on their platform.

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