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What Does “Approval Needed” Mean on Amazon?

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Vanessa Hung
January 25, 2024

When browsing on Amazon, you might bump into a roadblock: "Approval Needed." This little note can cause confusion. It means Amazon needs a thumbs-up before you can sell certain items.

But why does Amazon do this, and how can you get the green light? Don't let this be a dead end for your selling journey.

We've put together everything you need to know in a guide that's easy to follow. If you're ready to tackle the approval process, our complete guide is here to help.

Read on to get started on getting that much-needed Amazon approval.

Key Takeaways

Understanding Amazon Approval Needed

When you see "Amazon Approval Needed" on the platform, it means certain restrictions or requirements need to be met before your order can be processed. This could affect both buyers and sellers in different ways, so it's important to understand what it means for each party.

What "Amazon Approval Needed” Means for Buyers

If you see "Amazon Approval Needed" for an item, it means there's an extra step before your purchase is complete. You might have to wait a bit longer to get confirmation that the item is yours.

This could be because Amazon wants to ensure the order fits their rules, or they're checking something about your account.

Sometimes approval pops up if you're pre-ordering a hot new product everybody wants. Other times, business accounts need manager's go-ahead before buying things. Your past orders and how often you buy similar items can also trigger this message.

And if there's confusion over your shipping address or payment method, Amazon will ask for approval to sort things out.

You don't always have control over needing approval. However, keeping your account details accurate and using a credit card from within the country can help avoid it. If issues come up with your card or if you try to use one from another country, Amazon might stop and check that everything's okay.

What "Amazon Approval Needed” Means for Buyers

Amazon Approval Needed means for sellers that their products are subject to additional scrutiny before orders can be processed. This may lead to delays in fulfilling customer orders, affecting seller performance and customer satisfaction.

Sellers need to ensure compliance with Amazon's approval policies, including maintaining a positive order processing record and addressing any issues leading to the request for approval.

Sellers should also monitor their account history and product performance, ensuring that they adhere to Amazon's selling policies and guidelines. Failure to do so could result in restricted categories or products, impacting the overall sales potential on the platform.

Causes of Amazon Approval Needed

From preorders to business customers, there are several reasons why Amazon may require approval for a purchase. Understanding these causes can help you navigate the approval process more effectively.


Pre-orders on Amazon may trigger the "approval needed" status for buyers and sellers. If a customer's purchase behavior demonstrates an interest in pre-ordering items, it can prompt Amazon to request approval for future orders.

For sellers, offering pre-orders might require obtaining advance approval from Amazon to ensure compliance with their policies and guidelines. Understanding how preorders impact the approval process is crucial for both buyers and sellers seeking seamless transactions within the platform.

To navigate the "approval needed" status related to preorders, keep abreast of Amazon's rules regarding these advanced purchases, as they may affect your ability to buy or sell certain products on the platform.

Business Customers

For business customers on Amazon, approval may be required based on the category of products or services they are purchasing. This process helps to ensure that only authorized individuals or businesses can access certain items.The approval is typically needed for specific products like industrial equipment, wholesale items, or other goods and services intended for commercial use. To obtain approval as a business customer, you may need to provide additional documentation proving your eligibility to purchase these restricted items.

To cater to the needs of business customers, Amazon has implemented an approval system that safeguards both sellers and buyers in transactions involving specialized products or large quantities.

Purchase History

When transitioning from business customers to purchase history, it's important to understand how your past purchasing behavior can trigger Amazon Approval Needed. Your account history plays a crucial role in this process.

It involves a thorough review of your previous orders and any issues related to order processing or product approval. The analysis includes factors such as multiple order approvals, product reviews, and the overall compliance with Amazon's selling policies.

Your purchase history on Amazon contributes significantly to whether you're required to seek approval for future purchases. Therefore, being mindful of your buying patterns and ensuring adherence to Amazon's guidelines will positively impact the approval process for your orders in the future.

Wrong Address

When it comes to Amazon Approval Needed, a common reason could be due to an issue with the address provided for shipping. If the address is incorrect or incomplete, Amazon may require approval to proceed with the order.

This often occurs when there are inconsistencies in the address details, causing the need for verification or confirmation before finalizing the purchase and shipping process.

To resolve this, ensure that all address information is accurate and complete when placing an order on Amazon. Double-check recipient names, street addresses, apartment numbers (if applicable), city, state, zip code, and contact numbers to avoid any potential address-related issues that may trigger a request for approval.

Credit Card Issues

Amazon may require approval if your credit card has issues, such as being declined or having an incorrect billing address. This is part of their verification process to ensure secure transactions and protect against fraud.

To resolve this, update your payment information in your Amazon account, including the correct billing address and valid payment method. By doing so, you can avoid any delays in order processing and continue enjoying seamless shopping on Amazon.

Foreign Cards

When addressing credit card issues, foreign cards can present unique challenges. Understanding how Amazon interfaces with international payment methods is crucial for smooth transactions.

Foreign card usage on the platform may require additional approval and verification steps due to currency conversion and varying security protocols. Knowing these factors will help you navigate potential hurdles when dealing with foreign cards.

To accommodate customers using foreign cards, Amazon's approval process considers exchange rates, transaction fees, and fraud prevention measures. Sellers should familiarize themselves with these considerations to ensure a seamless buyer experience utilizing non-domestic payment methods.

It's essential to proactively address any issues related to foreign card payments before they impact your business operations or customer satisfaction.

How to Get Amazon Approval

To get Amazon approval, you need to understand the rules and restrictions for selling on the platform. Applying for approval requires careful attention to detail, and there are tips you can follow to increase your chances of getting approved.

Rules and Restrictions

To get Amazon approval for restricted categories and products, ensure compliance with the specified guidelines. Monitor your seller account performance to uphold selling policies. Understand the requirements for gated categories and follow product approval processes diligently.

Review Amazon’s category approval criteria and tailor your approach accordingly.

Tips on applying for approval include providing comprehensive product information, maintaining excellent customer service, and adhering to fulfillment standards. Utilize Amazon Seller Central tools for an in-depth analysis of your products and stay informed about any changes in Amazon’s approval policies.

Tips for Applying for Approval

  1. Review Amazon's policies and guidelines for selling in gated categories.
  2. Ensure your seller account metrics meet the required standards.
  3. Provide detailed and accurate product information in your listings.
  4. Address any customer complaints or issues promptly and professionally.
  5. Use high-quality product images and descriptions to enhance your listings.
  6. Monitor your inventory levels and ensure quick order fulfillment.
  7. Build a positive selling history on Amazon by delivering excellent customer service.

How to Stop Amazon From Asking for Approval

To ensure Amazon stops asking for approval, follow these steps:

  1. Review and improve your seller performance metrics, such as order defect rate, late shipment rate, and pre-fulfillment cancel rate.
  2. Ensure your product listings comply with Amazon's policies and guidelines by providing accurate and detailed product information.
  3. Monitor customer feedback and promptly address any negative reviews or complaints to maintain a positive seller rating.
  4. Regularly update your inventory levels and promptly fulfill orders to avoid any delays in delivery.
  5. Communicate proactively with customers, provide excellent customer service, and resolve any issues or inquiries in a timely manner.
  6. Consider participating in Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) to benefit from Amazon's reliable shipping and excellent customer service for your products.
  7. Stay informed about changes in Amazon's policies and adapt your business practices accordingly to meet their requirements.

How to Deal With Restricted Categories and Products

If you've been running into issues with restricted categories and products on Amazon, it's essential to understand the rules. First, review Amazon's seller policies to ensure compliance.

Be aware of gated categories that require approval before listing products. Pay attention to product restrictions, too, as some items may need specific authorization for sale.

Navigating these restrictions often involves applying for approval directly through your seller account. Ensure that your product meets all the criteria and follows the guidelines for category approval.


In conclusion, understanding what Amazon Approval Needed means is crucial for both buyers and sellers. Knowing the causes behind it, such as pre-orders, business customers, and purchase history, can help you navigate through the process more effectively.

Additionally, learning how to get approval on Amazon by following rules and restrictions will enable you to overcome these hurdles with ease. By grasping the ins and outs of approval algorithms and product restrictions, you can enhance your experience as a buyer or seller on Amazon.

Master the approval process on Amazon with ease—our services are here to provide you with the expertise you need to succeed.

FAQs on the Meaning of Amazon Approval Needed

1. How long do Amazon approvals take?

Amazon approvals can take anywhere from a few hours to more than a month. The timeframe largely depends on the category and the completeness of your information.

2. Where do I find my Amazon approval?

You can find your Amazon approval status by going to your Seller Central account, selecting 'Inventory', and then 'Add a Product'. Search for the product you requested approval for, and you will see the status of your application there.

3. Why is Amazon asking me to approve the notification?

Amazon asks for approval on notifications to ensure that you receive important updates and information about your account, orders, or listings. This helps maintain communication standards and keeps you informed.

4. How do I change my approval on Amazon?

To change your approval settings on Amazon, go to 'Settings' in your Seller Central account, select 'Notification Preferences', and adjust your preferences for order notifications, reports, and other communications as desired. Save changes once you've made your adjustments.

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