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Amazon Error Code 5665 and How To Fix It! List A Product On Amazon Without Brand Registry

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Vanessa Hung
February 9, 2024

If you're an Amazon FBA seller, chances are you've encountered the dreaded Error Code 5665 when listing a new product. It's one of the most common listing issues that new sellers will face. This error pops up when trying to list a product without having Brand Registry - Don't worry, Online Seller Solutions is here to help!

If you need help with this issue, don't hesitate to contact us! We've helped hundreds of sellers with their "unsexy" Amazon issues, and we can help you get back to selling ASAP.

If you want to fix it yourself, this guide should have everything you need, from why you're getting this error message, to how to fix it, and we even included real reports from Reddit and Seller Forums of sellers that faced this issue.


5665 Error Message:

You must register your Brand with Amazon before listing ASINs with this Brand name. Please ensure you are complying with our Brand Name Policy If this Brand is a registered trademarked, please enroll it at If it is not a registered trademarked, and you believe you are complying with our Brand Name Policy contact Seller Support and mention the error code 5665.

Error Code 5665: Listing a Product On Amazon Without Brand Registry

Error Code 5665 on Amazon FBA is a common issue that sellers may encounter when creating a listing for their private label products.

Here's what Amazon has to say about this situation.

What is Error Code 5665?

Error Code 5665 shows up when you try to list a product on Amazon's FBA and the brand is NOT enrolled in Brand Registry. This code means that the brand of your product is not known to Amazon. It stops you from creating the listing.  

This can be a headache when you're excited to start selling a new product and then you hit this roadblock. However, this problem can easily be fixed.

How to Resolve Error Code 5665 on Amazon Seller Central

Option 1: Enroll in Brand Registry and list again

If you have a trademark for your brand, the easiest solution to move forward is to enroll in Brand Registry. Amazon's Brand Registry program gives you access to many additional advantages for selling on Amazon and this issue will be solved once and for all.

If you don't have a current trademark, you can start the process and show Amazon proof of a pending trademark. Amazon even has a program for this called IP Accelerator, you can use one of their vetted law firms and get instant verification to show Amazon and get access to Brand Registry.

Option 2: Apply for Authorization

Don't want to enroll in Brand Registry? You can still fix this error!

You can apply for authorization to sell the product with Amazon by working with Seller Support.

What you'll need for Approval:

You'll need to have clear photos of your product, not mockups, that show the products have the brand name PERMANENTLY affixed to the product and package. If you're selling items like jewelry or clothing, you can attach a tag with the brand name to the product.

According to many sellers, it works better if you take the pictures in a way that prove they are real - holding the product in your hands, or putting it on a table. Do not use mockups or AI generated images!

Option 3: List as Generic

You can apply for a GTIN exemption and list the item as GENERIC or N/A.

Amazon Error 5665 Reddit:

The Post:

"Hi there, I’m having issues creating a product listing on Central Seller.

I keep getting error code 5665 when creating my listing saying I need to register my brand name with Amazon, however, many of the tutorials I’ve been following don't have this issue nor address it.

I’m trying to create the listing to so I can get an sku number send to my supplier. I’ve contacted Amazon and they said I need to send in pictures of the product in-hand with the branding permanently fixed. Product is still being manufactured

How should I go about this? Not sure if I’ve skipped any steps, or what the next step would be.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!"

Solution that ended up working:

  1. Create the listing with the brand name “N/A"
  2. Edit the listing, change the brand name to your brand name, then save the listing

Other reports:

"I just went through it. Just tell SC you are getting error code 5665 and send a picture or 2 with your brand name permanently affixed to your product or package and tell them your brand name in the same message. It shouldn't take more than 3 days for them to respond."


In conclusion, resolving error code 5665 on Amazon FBA is crucial for sellers to list their products successfully. By following the provided solutions and preventing the error from occurring in the first place, sellers can avoid delays and disruptions in their selling process.

Registering your brand with Amazon's Brand Registry is highly recommended to not only resolve this specific error but also gain additional benefits such as protection against counterfeit products and increased brand visibility.


1. What does Amazon FBA Error Code 5665 mean?

Amazon FBA Error Code 5665 means you either incorrectly typed your brand name or you are listing a brand that is NOT enrolled in Brand Registry.

2. How can I resolve Amazon FBA Error Code 5665?

To resolve Amazon FBA Error Code 5665, you should contact Amazon Seller Support or open a case in Seller Central to report the error or list the product as Generic.

3. How can I prevent Amazon FBA Error Code 5665 from occurring?

To prevent Amazon FBA Error Code 5665, enroll in Brand Registry and you will not face this issue on subsequent product uploads for that brand.

4. Can I fix Amazon FBA Error Code 5665 on my own without contacting support?

You can if you're willing to list your product as a generic brand. However, it's best for your long term plans to go through approval and brand registry.

Q: What is Amazon Brand Registry?

A: Amazon Brand Registry is a program that helps brand owners protect their registered trademarks on Amazon's marketplace. Brands must go through an application process to be approved and registered on Amazon.

Q: What should I do if I get the error "Generic Error: Brand Approval Required"?

A: If you receive the error message "Generic Error: Brand Approval Required" when trying to list a new product on Amazon, it means you need to have your brand approved before you can proceed with creating the listing.

Q: How do I fix the "Generic Error: Brand Approval Required" error on Amazon?

A: To fix the "Generic Error: Brand Approval Required" error on Amazon, you need to apply for brand registry and get your brand approved. Once approved, you can proceed with creating the listing for your product.

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