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Amazon Seller Holiday Calendar for 2024

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Vanessa Hung
January 25, 2024

Struggling to keep up with the e-commerce hustle? Amazon FBA sellers face the daunting task of juggling countless important dates throughout the year.

Luckily, this article unveils a comprehensive 2024 calendar tailored to help you stay on top of every key event and deadline — transforming chaos into opportunity.

Dive in for your blueprint to sales success!

Key Takeaways

The 2024 Calendar for Amazon FBA Sellers

You know the drill: staying ahead of the game is key for any Amazon FBA seller — and that means keeping your eyes peeled on 2024's calendar. It's packed with dates you can't afford to miss, from global shopping frenzies like Black Friday to those fsneaky niche holidays that could just turn into sales goldmines.

Key Selling Dates and Holidays

Alright, let's dive into the crux of the matter for all you Amazon FBA sellers out there. The year 2024 is packed with opportunities to boost your sales, thanks to a slew of key dates and holidays you don't want to overlook.

Mark these on your calendar and stay ahead of the inventory game. Here's how the 2024 e-commerce calendar shapes up:

Remember, these dates aren't just a day on the calendar – they're potential goldmines. Leveraging these moments with strategic planning and spot-on execution can make a world of difference in your sales graph.

Keep a close eye on those inventory levels, tweak those PPC campaigns, and make sure your listings are irresistible. With the right moves, 2024 could be your most profitable year yet.

Important eCommerce Events

As an Amazon FBA seller, you need to stay ahead of the curve, and that means marking your calendar with the key eCommerce events of 2024.

These occasions are prime opportunities to boost sales, optimize marketing strategies, and grow your customer base. Let's look at some of the crucial dates you should circle in red.

With these dates in mind, strategize your promotions and stock preparations. Remember, anticipation is key, and staying informed is your ticket to maximizing sales. Keep these events at the forefront of your planning, and you're setting yourself up for a successful year in the bustling world of eCommerce.

Quarterly Reminders for 2024

Amid the hustle of daily operations, you won't want to let critical quarterly tasks slip through the cracks. Keep a close eye on these seasonal checkpoints – they're your lifeline for maintaining a healthy business pulse in the ever-dynamic world of Amazon FBA selling.

Tax Statements

Get those tax statements ready! March 1 is your cutoff to mail out 1099s to the IRS. This chore might not be fun, but it's crucial for keeping your Amazon store on track. Stay ahead of the game by marking this date in bold on your calendar.

As an FBA seller, you must also keep a close eye on other financial reports each quarter. They show how well your business is doing and help you plan for what comes next. Now, let's talk about performance reviews—they're just as important!

Performance Reviews

Performance reviews might not be the highlight of your quarter, but they're crucial. Take out some time to measure how your Amazon FBA business is doing. Look at sales numbers, customer feedback, and product rankings.

Compare these to your goals for the year.

Check on how fast you sell through inventory too – that's part of performance reviews. High turn rates mean you’re doing great; low ones suggest it’s time for a new strategy.

Don’t forget: tax statements are due every quarter as well! Keep all this in check, and you'll stay ahead of the game.

Inventory Turn Rates

Keep track of your inventory turn rates every quarter. This number tells you how fast your products are selling and being replaced in Amazon's warehouses. A high turn rate means you're selling quickly, which is great! But it can also mean you're at risk for stock outs if not managed well.

Make sure to check these rates especially before the big shopping events on Amazon.

Eva Hart teaches that knowing your inventory turns helps plan better for sales surges during Prime Day or the holiday season. Use the ecommerce calendar to predict when you'll need more stock so customers don't find empty shelves on key dates like Mother's Day or Black Friday.

Up next, let’s talk about monthly reminders that will keep your business running smoothly throughout 2024.

Monthly Reminders for 2024

Staying on top of your Amazon FBA game means keeping a close eye on the monthly to-dos—think of them as the heartbeat of your business rhythm.

Each month brings fresh opportunities to fine-tune that machinery, from inventory checks to adjusting those PPC levers just right.

Checking Inventory Manager

Keep a close eye on your Inventory Manager every month. It's essential for keeping track of what's in stock and what needs restocking. This is so you'll know which products are hot for upcoming holidays like Mother's Day or during massive sales events like Amazon Prime Day.

This way, you can avoid selling out too quickly or sitting on unsold items.

Reviewing PPC Charges

Check your PPC charges every month. This helps you make sure your money is spent well on advertising campaigns. Eva Hart from Jungle Scout tells us it's important to look at these costs closely.

See if your ads are working and bringing in more sales.

Using Sales Analytics

Dive into your sales analytics every month to keep your Amazon FBA business on track. This powerful tool sheds light on what's working and what's not. Spot trends, see which products are flying off the shelves, and which ones are just taking up space.

Use this insight to tweak your inventory levels—don't get caught with too much or too little stock.

Make smart decisions about where you spend your advertising dollars. Sales analytics show you how well your ads perform so you can invest more in high-performing campaigns and cut back on the duds.

Adjusting Advertising Budgets

Keep an eye on your advertising dollars every month. It’s a big part of winning as an Amazon FBA seller. Think of each special event and holiday as a chance to get your products in the spotlight.

Mother's Day, Earth Day, or back-to-school season—these are all perfect times to boost ad spending wisely.

Plan your budget to match shopping trends and events. For instance, up your game before Valentine's Day or ramp up for prime Christmas shopping time. A smart budget move can make a big difference in sales! Use data from past holidays like New Year's Eve or social marketing touch points to guide you.

This way, you're ready for any feast, celebration, or unofficial holiday that rolls around on the ecommerce calendar.


You've got the 2024 e-commerce calendar now. Mark those dates and start preparing your inventory and promotions early. Remember, staying ahead means standing out in the busy Amazon marketplace.

Keep this calendar close – it's your secret weapon for a successful selling year! Good luck, and may your sales soar!

FAQs on the Amazon Seller Holiday Calendar

1. How do I mark a holiday on Amazon seller?

To mark a holiday on Amazon as a seller, log into your Seller Central account, navigate to 'Settings,' then select 'Account Info.' Click on 'Going on a holiday?' under 'Listing Status' and update your holiday settings accordingly.

2. How do I turn on vacation mode on Amazon seller?

To turn on vacation mode, access your Seller Central, go to 'Settings,' and choose 'Account Info.' Click on 'Going on a holiday?' next to 'Listing Status' and set your listings to 'Inactive.' This enables vacation mode and prevents new orders during this time.

3. How does holiday work at Amazon?

For Amazon employees, holiday work policies vary based on location, employment type, and local regulations. Generally, employees receive holiday pay and time off for certain national holidays, and additional holiday work may be compensated differently.

4. Does Amazon deliver during holidays?

Yes, Amazon does deliver during most holidays. However, delivery times may be extended due to increased volume, and some carriers may not operate on certain holidays, potentially impacting delivery dates.

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