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Locked Out of Your Amazon Seller Account? Here’s What to Do!

Written by
Vanessa Hung
February 6, 2024

You're trying to get into your Amazon seller account, but something's wrong. It happens often: sellers face login troubles and can't access their accounts. This article breaks down steps to regain control of your virtual storefront quickly and efficiently.

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Understanding Your Amazon Seller Account Status

Primary Account Recovery

If you're facing issues with seller account login, primary account recovery should be your first step. Here's a guide to help you regain access to your Amazon seller account swiftly:

Blocked Account Recovery

If you are struggling to access your Amazon seller account due to a blocked status, here's what you can do:

  1. Verify the reason for the block by checking Amazon notifications or contacting Seller Support.
  2. Review your seller performance metrics and address any issues that may have led to the blockage.
  3. Follow the instructions provided by Amazon to submit an appeal for account reinstatement, ensuring to provide any necessary documentation or evidence.
  4. Monitor your email and Seller Central regularly for updates on the status of your blocked account recovery process.
  5. Consider seeking professional assistance or guidance from experts who specialize in resolving Amazon seller account issues if needed.

Recovery After Two-Step Verification Fails

If you encounter issues with two-step verification failing, follow these steps to recover your Amazon seller account:

  1. Go to the Amazon website and click on "Forgot password."
  2. Enter your email address and follow the instructions in the password reset email sent to you.
  3. Once logged in, go to "Your Account" and select "Login & security" to disable two-step verification temporarily.
  4. Contact Amazon Seller Support for further assistance if you are unable to disable two-step verification yourself.

Best practices for account access

To ensure smooth access to your Amazon seller account, always verify that the correct email and password are being used for login. If you encounter difficulty logging in, reset your account password with a unique new one.

Make sure this new password is not shared or reused across other accounts to enhance security.

In urgent cases where access issues persist, seek immediate assistance from Amazon's Seller Support team. They can help with blocked account recovery and guide you through two-step verification failures for a seamless resolution to any account access challenges.

Contacting Amazon Seller Support

Reach out to Amazon Seller Support through their online contact form or by calling their dedicated support line for assistance with accessing your seller account. For more tips on dealing with support and resolving access issues, keep reading.

Methods of Contact

To address issues with your Amazon seller account, use the following methods to contact Seller Support:

  1. Go to the "Help" section of your Seller Central account and select "Contact us" to chat with a live representative.
  2. Call Seller Support directly using the phone number provided in your account dashboard.
  3. Submit a support request by clicking on "Contact us" and filling out the online form with specific details about your issue.
  4. Utilize the Amazon Seller app for mobile support and access to FAQs, or to engage in live chat with an agent.
  5. Connect through social media channels like Twitter or Facebook for additional assistance options.

Tips for Dealing With Support

When seeking support for your Amazon seller account, it's essential to verify that the person you are speaking with is a genuine Amazon representative. Be cautious of potential scams and only communicate with Amazon through official channels such as phone calls or direct messages from within your seller account.

Additionally, gather all relevant information before contacting Seller Support to expedite the process of resolving your account access issues.

To ensure a smooth interaction with Seller Support, clearly explain the specific challenges you are facing when trying to access your seller account. Provide any error messages received during login attempts and be prepared to follow their guidance for troubleshooting.

If reaching out by phone, have an alternative method readily available in case of call disconnection or if further assistance is required after the initial conversation.


If you’re locked out of your Amazon seller account, follow our outlined steps to efficiently resolve the issue and resume business operations. Stay composed, thoroughly review Amazon's notice, understand the reasons for suspension, and prepare a detailed plan to tackle the problem.

If you're feeling swamped or your efforts remain fruitless, it's time to call in the experts. Our team specializes in Amazon account recovery, offering tailored guidance to simplify your reinstatement journey. Take control of your selling future—contact us today for unparalleled support and reclaim your Amazon seller privileges.

FAQs on Getting Locked Out of Your Amazon Seller Account

What pre-emptive steps can I take to avoid Amazon seller account suspension?

Regularly review Amazon's policies, maintain high-quality customer service, and ensure your listings comply with Amazon's terms of service to help avoid suspension. Prevention is better than cure, and understanding how to avoid suspension is crucial for uninterrupted selling.

What should I do if I suspect another seller has copied my listing?

Report the issue to Amazon through the Report Infringement form to protect your intellectual property. Protecting your listings is necessary to maintain the integrity and exclusivity of your product offerings.

How often should I check my Amazon Seller Central account for updates or notifications?

It's advisable to check your Seller Central account daily for any important updates, notifications, or changes in policy. Regular checks help sellers remain compliant and responsive to any issues or updates that may arise.

Can I sell internationally with my Amazon seller account?

Yes, you can sell internationally by listing your products on Amazon's global marketplaces and enrolling in programs like Amazon Global Selling. International selling is an opportunity for growth, making it relevant for expansion-minded sellers.

How can I improve my product's visibility on Amazon?

Optimize your product listings with relevant keywords, high-quality images, and detailed descriptions, and consider using Amazon's advertising tools. Increasing product visibility can lead to higher sales, making it a common goal for Amazon sellers.

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