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What is Unit Session Percentage On Amazon and Why is it Important?

Written by
Vanessa Hung
Published on
October 4, 2023

Are you struggling to understand the importance of unit session percentage on Amazon? This metric is crucial for measuring product sales' efficiency and effectiveness. Our article is here to provide a simple, step-by-step guide on how to improve, monitor and track your unit session percentage.

Dive in now and gain insights that can help boost your Amazon business profitability!

What is Unit Session Percentage on Amazon?

Unit Session Percentage on Amazon refers to the ratio of units sold to the total number of product page views within a specific timeframe.

Definition and significance

Unit Session Percentage on Amazon is a key component in tracking the performance of your products. It's calculated by dividing the number of units sold by the total sessions, or visits to your ASIN detail page within a specific timeframe.

In other words: Unit session percentage rate = units ordered / # of sessions.

This percentage serves as an essential benchmark for success and provides crucial insight into how effectively your product pages convert visitors into customers. If you notice a low Unit Session Percentage, it could signal that potential buyers are not convinced enough by your product listing or there may be issues with pricing or customer reviews affecting their purchase decision.

Improving this ratio is vital for enhancing both product visibility and sales on Amazon.

How to Improve Your Unit Session Percentage

Improve your unit session percentage by utilizing color psychology, including questions in your product copy, encouraging adding to cart instead of direct purchase, offering promotions, and simplifying the purchase process.

Utilizing color psychology

Color psychology plays a pivotal role in enhancing your unit session percentage on Amazon. The right colors create an emotional connection with customers, influencing their shopping decisions.

For instance, using red often sparks excitement or urgency, leading to increased impulse buying. Blue emanates trust and reliability, attracting those looking for quality and durability.

Thus, strategically incorporating color into your product pages can help spike interest in your items and potentially boost conversion rates. It's about combining aesthetic appeal with subliminal messaging to win over potential buyers.

Including questions in your product copy

Incorporating questions into your product copy plays a pivotal role in boosting your unit session percentage. It incites curiosity and engages potential buyers, inspiring them to learn more about the product.

Questions can serve as an interactive tool that encourages customers to picture themselves using the product - a psychological technique known as 'mental ownership'. This effectively boosts their likelihood of making a purchase.

Craft these questions around customer's potential needs or problems that your product solves, promoting both value and relevancy. A well-placed question has the power to turn browsing into buying on Amazon!

Encouraging adding to cart instead of direct purchase

Increase your unit session percentage on Amazon by encouraging customers to add items to their cart instead of making a direct purchase. This simple strategy can help boost conversions and increase the likelihood of multiple item purchases.

By highlighting the benefits of adding products to the cart, such as easier comparison shopping or taking advantage of bundled deals, you can create a sense of urgency and persuade customers to click that "Add to Cart" button.

Don't miss out on this effective tactic for improving your unit session percentage and driving more sales on Amazon.

Offering promotions

Offering promotions is a highly effective strategy to improve your unit session percentage on Amazon. By providing discounts or special deals, you can entice customers to choose your product over competitors'.

Promotions create a sense of urgency and excitement, prompting potential buyers to click on your product page and make a purchase. Whether it's offering free shipping, buy-one-get-one deals, or limited-time offers, promotions not only increase sales but also help boost your conversion rate.

Additionally, they can attract new customers who may be interested in trying out your product at a discounted price. So don't hesitate to offer enticing promotions to improve your unit session percentage and drive more sales on Amazon.

Simplifying the purchase process

Simplify the purchase process on Amazon to improve your Unit Session Percentage. Here are some ways to do it:

How to Monitor and Track Your Unit Session Percentage

To monitor and track your unit session percentage, you can find it in your Amazon Business Reports or utilize external tools. Stay on top of your metrics to optimize sales performance! Read more to learn how.

Finding it in your Amazon reports

To monitor and track your Unit Session Percentage on Amazon, you can easily find it in your Amazon reports. These reports provide valuable insights into the performance of your product listings.

By navigating to your Amazon Business Reports, you'll be able to locate the data related to unit session percentage. This information will help you understand how well your products are converting within a given timeframe and allow you to make informed decisions based on real-time data.

Additionally, external tools can also be utilized for more in-depth analysis and tracking of this metric.

Utilizing external tools

To further enhance your unit session percentage on Amazon, you can also take advantage of external tools. These tools can provide valuable insights and help optimize your product listing. Some popular external tools for improving unit session percentage on Amazon include:

  1. Jungle Scout: This tool allows you to research and analyze top-performing products in your niche, helping you make informed decisions about which products to sell.
  2. Helium 10: With features like keyword research, listing optimization, and competitor analysis, Helium 10 can help boost your product visibility and increase your unit session percentage.
  3. Sellics: This all-in-one Amazon software includes features such as profit analytics, inventory management, and sponsored product ads optimization to help drive more traffic and conversions to your listings.
  4. AMZScout: This tool provides comprehensive market data and helps you identify profitable niches, optimize keywords, and track sales performance.
  5. FeedbackWhiz: With automation features for managing customer feedback and reviews, FeedbackWhiz can improve your seller rating and reputation on Amazon.


Improving your unit session percentage on Amazon is crucial for boosting sales and maximizing your product's visibility. By implementing strategies like utilizing color psychology, including questions in your product copy, and simplifying the purchase process, you can increase the likelihood of customers adding to cart instead of making direct purchases.

Monitoring and tracking your unit session percentage using Amazon reports and external tools will help you stay informed about performance trends and make necessary adjustments to optimize conversions.

Don't let this important metric go unnoticed – start taking action today!

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