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Secondary Language optimization

We can help you target new customers and expand your discoverability.

Table of secondary languages for main Marketplaces

Every marketplace has a secondary language built into their website and app. Amazon recognizes the importance of speaking the language of its customers, which is why it offers a tailored experience for its secondary target markets in their native language.

For instance, while English is the primary language in the USA, Spanish is the second most widely spoken language. Amazon takes this into account and offers a translated experience in the most popular languages for each country.

Spanish Optimization

Did you know that there's a potential customer base the size of Canada that you may be missing out on? With more than 39 million Amazon Prime users in the USA who search, read, shop, and review in Spanish, you can expand your reach and leverage your operations without stepping outside the country.

If you overlook the Hispanic market, you could miss out on a staggering 20% of the population with a total of $2 trillion in purchasing power. Don’t neglect the fastest-growing demographic groups in the USA and reach out to this lucrative customer base!

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Features and Benefits

Backend Optimization

Our experts will optimize your listing's backend with relevant and high-performing keywords to enhance searchability and discoverability in the secondary target language.

Improved Searchability and Sales

By optimizing your listings for the secondary target market, you can improve ranking and increase sales, o pening the door to a huge new customer base and increasing your customer reach.

Market and Competition Research

We conduct comprehensive research to identify high-ranking keywords that will enhance your product's visibility and help you stay ahead of your competitors in other submarkets.

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