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Understanding Amazon Brand Gating and Its Benefits for Your Business

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Vanessa Hung
February 9, 2024

Are you tired of counterfeit sellers damaging your brand’s reputation on Amazon? Reports suggest that almost 2.5% of worldwide sales involve fake goods, making it a rampant issue online.

This blog post will guide you through the process of Amazon Brand Gating—an effective solution to combat these unauthorized sellers and protect your products. Ready to win the battle against knockoffs? Let's dive in!

Key Takeaways

What Is Amazon Brand Gating?

Amazon Brand Gating is a process that allows brand owners to control and restrict who can sell their products on the Amazon marketplace, ensuring only authorized sellers have access.


Amazon Brand Gating refers to a mechanism used by Amazon sellers to prevent others from selling counterfeit or unauthorized versions of their products. This process limits the sale of specific branded items only to authorized retailers.

It's crucial to apply brand gating as it plays an integral role in maintaining your product value and increasing sales on the platform, while also preserving your business reputation and protecting customers from purchasing knockoffs or lower-quality goods under your brand name.

Importance of Product Protection and Brand Reputation

Protecting your brand reputation and products are crucial in the competitive world of Amazon. With unauthorized resellers, knockoff versions, and counterfeit products becoming increasingly common, it's essential to take measures to safeguard your brand.

This is where Amazon Brand Gating comes into play. By implementing brand gating, you can establish strict controls over who can sell your products on Amazon. This helps prevent unauthorized sellers from listing your items and ensures that only genuine products bearing your brand name are available for purchase.

Not only does this protect the integrity of your brand, but it also gives customers confidence in purchasing authentic items from you. Investing in brand gating is a proactive step towards maintaining control over your product listings and preserving the trust that customers place in your brand.

How Does Amazon Brand Gating Work?

To set up brand gating on Amazon, you need to follow a few steps and go through a verification process. This includes utilizing tools like the Amazon Brand Registry, Counterfeit Crimes Unit, Transparency by Amazon, and Amazon Project Zero.

Steps To Set Up Brand Gating

To set up brand gating on Amazon, follow these simple steps:

  1. Register your brand with Amazon's Brand Registry program. This will help establish your ownership and give you the tools to protect it.
  2. Create a list of products that you want to restrict from unauthorized resellers or knockoff versions. These could be high-value items or ones that are frequently counterfeited.
  3. Apply for brand gating in restricted categories where your products fall under using the Brand Registry's "Request Approval" feature.
  4. Submit all necessary documents and information during the verification process, such as proof of trademark registration, product images, invoices, and UPC codes.

Verification Process

To set up brand gating on Amazon, you will need to go through a verification process. This process ensures that you are the rightful owner of the brand and have the authority to control its distribution on Amazon.

You may be required to provide documentation such as trademark registrations or utility bills that verify your ownership and legitimacy. Once your documents are submitted, the verification process typically takes around two weeks.

It's important to follow all instructions carefully and respond promptly to any requests for additional information to expedite the process.

Tools for Brand Gating (Amazon Brand Registry, Counterfeit Crimes Unit, Transparency by Amazon, Amazon Project Zero)

Amazon provides several useful tools for brand gating to help protect your products and maintain the reputation of your brand. One such tool is the Amazon Brand Registry, which allows you to register your brand and gain additional control over product listings.

The Counterfeit Crimes Unit is another helpful tool that works towards cracking down on counterfeit products on the platform. Transparency by Amazon enables you to authenticate your products and provide customers with a unique code for verification.

Lastly, Amazon Project Zero empowers brands with cutting-edge technology to proactively detect and remove counterfeit listings. These tools work together to give you greater peace of mind and ensure a safer shopping experience for your customers.

Benefits of Amazon Brand Gating

Amazon Brand Gating offers several benefits to your business, including protection against counterfeit products, control over brand and product listings, and higher chances of winning the buy box.

Protection Against Counterfeit Products

Amazon Brand Gating provides a crucial layer of protection against counterfeit products. By implementing brand gating, you can safeguard your brand reputation and ensure that customers are purchasing genuine items.

It helps you maintain control over your listings and ensures that only approved sellers have access to sell your products. This way, you can protect both your customers and your business from the harmful effects of counterfeit goods while providing a reliable shopping experience for buyers.

Control Over Brand and Product Listings

With Amazon Brand Gating, you gain control over your brand and product listings. This means that unauthorized sellers will have a harder time selling knockoff versions of your products on the platform.

By having stricter enforcement of your brand guidelines, you can protect your brand reputation and ensure that customers are receiving genuine products. With this level of control, you have a higher chance of winning the buy box, which further boosts your sales and visibility on Amazon.

Take advantage of the tools provided by Amazon, such as the Brand Registry and Project Zero, to establish and maintain control over your listings.

Higher Chances To Win the Buy Box

To increase your chances of winning the buy box on Amazon, brand gating can play a vital role. By protecting your brand and product listings through brand gating, you establish credibility and trust with customers.

When potential buyers see that a product is verified and protected against counterfeit versions, they are more likely to choose it over other sellers' offerings. With brand gating in place, you have greater control over who sells your products and can prevent unauthorized resellers from undercutting your prices or damaging your reputation.

This gives you an edge in winning the buy box and driving sales for your business..

Potential Drawbacks of Amazon Brand Gating

There are a few potential drawbacks to consider when it comes to Amazon brand gating. One of the main concerns is that the process of setting up brand gating can be time-consuming and complex, requiring you to go through multiple verification steps.

It may also require additional resources and investment in tools like the Amazon Brand Registry or Project Zero.

Another drawback is that while brand gating can protect against unauthorized resellers and counterfeit products, it can also limit your ability to sell in certain categories or impose product condition restrictions.

This could potentially restrict your sales opportunities and limit your options for expanding your product line.

Lastly, it's important to note that enforcing brand gating requires ongoing monitoring and vigilance on your part. It's not a one-time setup-and-forget solution. You need to stay proactive in identifying potential infringement cases and taking appropriate action.


Understanding Amazon Brand Gating and implementing it for your business allows you to protect your brand from counterfeit products and unauthorized resellers, giving you control over your product listings.

This can ultimately lead to higher chances of winning the buy box and boosting sales for your business. Take advantage of this powerful tool to safeguard your brand reputation on the Amazon marketplace.

FAQs on Amazon Brand Gating

1. Can any brand apply for Amazon Brand Gating?

Yes, any brand that is registered with Amazon's Brand Registry can apply for brand gating; however, acceptance depends on Amazon's specific criteria and brand protection needs. This is to ensure that the program is used by brands genuinely at risk of counterfeit issues.

2. What are the costs associated with setting up Amazon Brand Gating for my products?

Amazon does not publicly disclose specific costs for brand gating, as it may vary based on the category and the tools used, but brand owners should expect potential costs for trademark registration, legal documentation, and potential additional fees for the use of certain Amazon services. This is to ensure that only serious applicants use the service and to cover administrative costs.

3. How long does it take to implement Amazon Brand Gating after applying?

The timeline for Amazon Brand Gating implementation can vary widely, often taking several weeks to months, as it includes a thorough verification process and potential review of your application. This time frame is necessary to ensure proper due diligence and protection against unauthorized sellers.

4. If I implement Amazon Brand Gating, can I still sell my products through other retailers or platforms?

Yes, implementing Amazon Brand Gating does not restrict you from selling your products through other retailers or platforms; it only restricts unauthorized sellers on Amazon. This distinction ensures brand owners maintain comprehensive control over their distribution channels.

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